Forget-Me-Nots Non-Ti Scordar-Di-Mi Flower Seeds

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Easy to sow directly outdoors after danger of frost has passed. Plants will bloom in 6 to 8 weeks from sowing. For transplants, sow seed indoors at the beginning of April. Press seeds into the soil less growing medium but do not cover. Germinates at 20°C (70°F) in 5-10 days. Grow under lights then harden off and transplant outside at the end of May spacing plants 10 cm (4″) apart in the garden. Plants make their best growth in well drained soil in sunny sites where summers are cooler and in partly shaded sites (4-6 hours of sun) in hot summer areas. A gentle shearing of the plants after the first flush of blooms finish will stimulate a second flush of blooms.


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