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Odour and Moisture Control

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth & Citric Acid

Fresh Coop Odour Control added directly to manure immediately stops the formation of ammonia. Take Fresh Coop Odour Control home today and use it now on your dirty litter! No need to do a clean-out first!

Keep it Dry!

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth is very porous and is a super absorbent mineral. Diatomaceous Earth will help keep your coop dry.

Chicken coops can smell bad!

  • Immediate Odour Control
  • Absorbs Moisture
  • Saves on Bedding
Reduce Ammonia Levels

Ammonia is the culprit of chicken coop odour. Ammonia is one of the most dangerous gases in the air. It can irritate an animal's eyes, lungs, sinuses, mouth and skin and make them more vulnerable to infection. Humans can also be harmed by high levels of ammonia.

We take pride in providing natural solutions for the backyard flock owner.

Do you have close neighbors? Are you a stinky neighbor? Chicken coops can smell bad and there is nothing worse than a stinky neighbor. This can easily be resolved with a properly cleaned and maintained chicken coop.

Fresh Coop Odour Control is a natural and effective way to control moisture, ammonia and other unpleasant odours. Can be used with backyard chickens, pullets, layers, quail, ducks, turkeys, pigeons, and pheasants. Sprinkle evenly on top of bedding and existing litter as required.

Do not apply to nesting areas.

Remove chickens from the coop prior to application as the airborne dust from Fresh Coop Odour Control can be an eye irritant.

Safe to use around chicks

Fresh Coop Odour Control is a natural product consisting of 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Citric Acid

Remove chicks from the coop prior to application as the airborne dust from Fresh Coop Odour Control can be an eye irritant

Not just for chickens

Fresh Coop Odour Control can be used for:

  • backyard chickens
  • pullets
  • layers
  • quail
  • ducks
  • turkeys
  • pigeons
  • pheasants

Easy Maintenance

Use a thin layer of Fresh Coop Odour Control when adding new straw or pine shavings (bedding)


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