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Gator Shampoo


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GATOR SHAMPOO removes ground in dirt from the surface of concrete pavers, wet cast and natural stones. It restores the paved surfaces to its natural color making the pavers, patio slabs, walls, wet cast and natural stones look clean and vibrant. GATOR SHAMPOO will not negatively affect the joints of polymeric sand or the surrounding vegetation.


  • This product is not an efflorescence cleaner.
  • Do not let product dry up on surface.
  • Wear goggles and rubber gloves.
  • ALWAYS TEST the product on a small hidden area of approximately 4 sq. ft. (0.4 sq. m.) to ensure the results will meet your expectations.
  • IDEAL MIXTURE: 4 parts water – 1 part product of GATOR SHAMPOO concentrated liquid.
  • Use a pump sprayer or Gator Sprayer attached to a one gallon, to ensure proper dilution of the GATOR SHAMPOO.
  • Do not apply under hot sun.
  • Keep paver surface wet from start to finish.
  • FAQ (Prior use of other cleaners may inhibit performance. Visit Gator Clean FAQ page for cleaning tips.)