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Gro ‘n Win

Forage – either hay or pasture – is the most natural and preferred feed for horses providing the foundation for all equine diets. Although forage should make up the main part of the diet, and can meet your horse’s energy requirements, it alone will not meet all of their nutritional needs. Different types of forage provide different levels of protein, vitamins and minerals that may not support your specific horse’s needs. However, using the Gro ‘n Win range of products, it is easy to tailor your horse’s feeding program to meet the unique nutritional requirements for work and various life stages. Ration balancers such as Gro ‘n Win are designed to provide all of the vitamins and minerals your hay is lacking without providing nutrients your horse doesn’t need. Gro ‘n Win is scientifically proven to benefit your horse’s overall health by providing essential amino acids for muscle development and fatty acids to aid in immune response. By utilizing a diet with low starch and sugar, you can help prevent or regulate many nutrition-related disorders, such as Laminitis, Insulin Resistance, Tying-Up, Cushing’s Disease, EPSM and HYPP. By decreasing the insulin spike in your horse’s diet, you can also lessen hyperactivity creating a quieter performance in the arena or in the barn.


Gro ‘n Win is scientifically formulated for horses on grass or mixed forage.

Brand: Buckeye Nutrition


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