Hale's Best Cantaloupe Seeds

OSC 1390

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An open pollinated variety that produces a large, excellent quality melon weighing up to 1.8 kgs (4 lbs). The bright salmon coloured flesh is thick, firm and sweet. The yellowish-green rind is heavily netted and practically ribless. Ideal for local market gardeners. Best grown in soils of pH greater than 6.5 and less than 7.5. If soil is acidic (pH <6.5), apply dolomitic lime as directed.

35 seeds/gram Select a south facing, wind-sheltered site and sow 5 seeds 2.5cm (1") deep per hill. Space hills 1.5-2m (4-6') apart. Thin to 3 to 4 plants per hill. In short season areas, start seeds in peat/paper pots indoors 4 weeks before plant out time. Seeds need a warm soil to germinate properly. Do not sow into soil cooler than 21 C (70F). Keep the melon vines evenly watered throughout the growing season.
Life Cycle: Annual
Days to Emergence: 10
Light: Full Sun
Growth Habit: Trailing
Height: Medium Tall (30 to 70 cm)
Frost Tolerance: Killed by Frost
Days to Harvest: 75
Degree of Difficulty: Prior Experience Beneficial
Heritage: Open Pollinated


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