Nasturtiums Tall Single Mix Seeds

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Tropaeolum majus. This prolific, trailing plant will travel great lengths. Train vertically by tying it to something. Use it in a hanging planter for dramatic effect, wrap it around a fence or archway, or let it tumble over a retaining wall. Tall Single Mix nasturtium seeds provides a wondrous assortment of lively classic nasturtium colours. Plant in full sun or partial shade - in shade it will produce even longer vines and larger leaves. This variety is excellent for filling in empty spots in the garden. The flowers are edible and the plants are drought tolerant so they're suitable for xeriscaping. Vines will grow as much as 3m (10').


    • Hardy annual
    • Lively classic colours
    • Trailing plant
    • Train vertically
    • Plant height 3m (10')


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