Native Wildflower Planting Kit | A+ Plant Care - Ritchie Feed & Seed Inc.
Native Wildflower Planting Kit | A+ Plant Care - Ritchie Feed & Seed Inc.
Native Wildflower Planting Kit | A+ Plant Care - Ritchie Feed & Seed Inc.

Native Wildflower Planting Kit | A+ Plant Care


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At last, a wildflower kit containing only Ontario Native species* to help bring beauty and nature to your yard without the risk of introducing invasive species! This kit contains 14 Ontario Native biennial and perennial species and all the natural soil amendments needed to keep them happy for many years to come! The beauty of this kit is once you are done seeding you can be as hands on or hands off as you like, and it will thrive in almost any conditions.

As our way of giving back to nature 5% of the purchase price of this item will be donated to the Canada Wildlife Federation.

Our kit contains:
-A Vase to display your cut flowers in.
-An amendment mix containing bone meal, kelp meal, and rock dusts to help provide nutrients to the area.
-14 different plant species with 4000+ seeds, listed in order of % contained in the mix; black eyed susan, blue vervain, wild bergamot, chives, plains coreopsis, lance leaved coreopsis, joe pye weed, cardinal flower, new England aster, Canada trefoil, wild columbine, sneezeweed, blazing star, and common milkweed.

Fall Planting.
-Till top 10cm of planting area that will receive full sun (100-500 square feet, the smaller the area the faster it will fill in) and till in the soil amendment mix evenly.
-Once the average day temp is in the negatives (prevents seeds from germinating now) till the seed and sand mixture provided evenly in the top 2cm of soil
-Optional cover with a thin layer of leaves to mimic natural conditions and help with seed runoff in spring and unwanted friends eating seeds before they are able to germinate.

Spring Planting
-Store seeds and sand mixture in fridge for 6 weeks before planting.
-Once soil is tillable early spring, follow fall planting steps.

Necessary maintenance
-An occasional watering if no rain for 1 week (water more often if you are trying to provide ideal conditions for water loving species)
-Resist the urge to pull out weeds the first 2 years, they are helping prepare the soil for future generations of your wildflowers.
-Enjoy the nature that these wildflowers bring to your yard.

Importance of Native Plant Species
Native plant species are important to the local insect, mammal, and bird species because they have evolved together for millions of years and have developed ways to use the plants for food, and shelter in ways that they have not adapted to with non-native species. Bringing these plants back to your yard will help hundreds to thousands of species with their food and shelter needs that we have unknowingly (or uncaringly) removed for our self interest, by bringing back native species we are doing what we can to give back to the nature that makes Ontario such a wonderful place to live.

*Species determined as native through Canada Wildlife Federations native species search tool.