Pansies & Violas Swiss Giants Mix Seeds

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Viola tricolor var. hortensis. The classic heirloom Swiss Giants Mix Pansy seeds blend has single colours with blotched faces and some bicolours, with flowers held high above the leaves. Technically a perennial, this plant is usually grown as a cold hardy annual that will bloom in mild climates from October through to May from a late summer sowing.  Swiss Giant Pansies grow to about 20cm (8") tall, with a really beautiful range of warm colours and markings that seem to lend the flowers even more personality. This pansy blend works very well in containers and hanging baskets, but the real show is from mass plantings in a flower bed display.

Perennial (Grow as a hardy annual)

    • Flowers all winter in coastal areas
    • Big, bold pansies
    • Single colours and some bicolours
    • Flowers are held high above leaves
    • Plant height: 20cm (8")

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