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Parmak Magnum 12 Electric Fence Charger Model MAG.12 U.O. 12 volt – Battery Operated – 30 miles


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The newly updated Parmak Magnum 12 electric fence charger features Parmak`s exclusive built-in performance meter tells you the exact condition of your fence line as well as the condition of your battery. It takes the guess work out of electric fencing. With more power than you ever imagined possible from a battery fencer, the Magnum 12 features output equal to power line operated models. Shocks through wet weeds and brush. No moving parts means years of dependable, trouble free services. The most economical 12-volt solid state fencer operation on the market. The Magnum 12 provides up to three months of continuous operation between battery charges. Weatherproof, portable outdoor model for installation anywhere on your farm.


When the Mag 12 UO is first connected to a 12 volt storage battery, the performance meter on front of fence charger now performs 3 exclusive functions: 1. Meter operation test 2. Battery charge level test 3. Fence charger voltage output on fence.

1. Meter Operation Test: This test will sweep meter needle to full scale and back. This test shows that meter movement is smooth and able to indicate full scale. If meter is functioning correctly the needle will go to the top of green (full scale) and then return to bottom of red.

2. Battery Charge Level Test: The meter will indicate the charge level of the battery. If the meter indicates “RED” the battery should be recharged before operating fence charger. If the meter indicates “YELLOW” the battery is low and should be recharged soon. If the meter indicates “GREEN” the battery has a good charge. To get the most accurate reading of the battery charge level, the battery should be in a no load/no charge state. Battery charge level will be indicated for the first 5 seconds immediately following the Meter Operation Test.

3. Voltage Output: After battery charge level test, the performance meter will begin to indicate amount of voltage on fence: GREEN— good voltage on fence— YELLOW fence voltage low, check fence— RED no voltage on fence, check fence immediately.

Addition features:
• Performance meter that shows condition of battery and fence line
• Low impedance for maximum power, longer life
• Compact design, weatherproof, portable – outdoor model
• Use with 12 volt storage battery
 (battery clamps included)
• Ideal for livestock or predator control
• Medium to large pastures
• UL Listed
• Charges up to 30 miles of fence – 3.1 joules*

Magnum 12UO



Item # MAG12UO
Warranty 3 Years
Indoor / Outdoor Installation Indoor & Outdoor
Range 30 Miles
Joules Low 1.1
Joules High 3.1+
Power Source 12v Battery
Fence Voltage - Open Circuit 13500
Fence Voltage - 500 ohm 6100
Fence Voltage - 100 ohm 3100
Display Performance Meter - Analog
Recommended Use