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California Wonder Organic Pepper Seeds 4145. Heirloom

A favourite for home gardens. Stocky plants with glossy, deep green leaves bear large crops of 4 to 5" green peppers. Mature peppers ripen to bright red and can contain more vitamin C than oranges!

How to Grow

160 seed/gram. Start indoors in early March. Use a soil-less growing mix. Sow seed 2mm (1/8″) deep. Maintaining the growing medium at a temperature of 22-25 C (72-77 F) will enhance germination. Transplant seedlings at the second or third leaf stage into 7.5 cm (3") pots. Grow the seedlings under bright light and temperatures of 24 C (75 F) days and cooler 16 C (61 F) nights. Harden off seedlings then transplant out after all risk of frost has passed - this usually occurs in late May to early June. Full sun and a well-drained soil is best. Space the plants 30 cm (12″) apart in rows spaced 90 cm (36″) apart. Shelter plants from gusty winds and keep evenly watered. 

Harvest Harvest peppers at green stage or wait a few weeks for a sweeter ripe-red color.

Note: Staking is recommended with most varieties.