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Masterfeeds Surmount Horse Ration (Pellet) 25kg


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Masterfeeds Surmount (pellet) is our gold standard for fat and fibre nutrition for your horse. This premium ration is relatively high in calories, very palatable, and an excellent choice for those owners and trainers looking for a premium fat and fibre ration that is well fortified with vitamins and minerals. The controlled starch content provides a relaxed working energy for the horse, making it a great choice for hunter trainers, western pleasure trainers, amateur dressage and any other discipline looking for a quality feed without making horses “hot”.

This feed contains added Selenium at 0.5 mg/kg.


High level of fat and fibre.
Provides cool form of calories.

Elevated fat levels from addition of vegetable oil.
Increases endurance energy for peak performance.

Increased fibre level. 
Makes a safe feed that promotes good digestive health.

Contains Yea-Sacc® 1026 and Pulse 500. 
Together, these products work as both a pre-biotic; feeding existing bacteria and a pro-biotic; adding more beneficial bugs to the gut. This works to stabilize the gut, reduces digestive upsets, and maximizes nutrient digestion and absorption.

One feed offers simple practices for many feeding challenges.

Higher level of Vitamin E.
A powerful antioxidant to enhance immune response and improve tissue regeneration after strenuous exercise.

Contains 100% organic trace minerals.
For increased bio-availability of those nutrients essential for immune response, hoof health, bone and cartilage development.