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Red Globe Onion Seeds

OSC 1825

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Red Globe Onion Seeds (Market Type) 1825 Heirloom Vegetable. A round, red skinned onion with a fairly strong flavour. The flesh is white with a pink tinge. A good keeper.

How to Grow

280 seed/gram. Seed can be started indoors in a soil-less growing medium in February. The seedlings can then be transplanted outside later in spring. Seed can also be sown directly outdoors from mid April, 8-15 mm (1/4-1/2″)deep and 15 mm (1/2″) apart in rows 30 cm (12″) apart. Thin to 5 cm (3″) apart for cooking onions, and 7.5 cm (3″) apart for the sweet Spanish types. Onions do best in a sunny site with fertile, well drained soil. Bend over any flower stalks that start to grow so the plant’s energy goes into building the bulb. One packet sows approximately 6 m (20’) of row.


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