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Increased fiber can benefit your horse in many ways. Horses with lower activity levels do not need excessive calories in their diet, especially if they are easy-keepers. Those susceptible to nutrition related disorders such as HYPP, EPSM, laminitis, colic, insulin resistant, or even post-surgery recovery will benefit greatly from the high digestibility and hind gut motility fiber brings to their diet. Horses who have difficulty consuming large quantities of forage such as horses with lack of appetite or digestive problems are given higher levels of fiber in their grain to help compensate for the lack of digestible fiber their hay includes. By replacing those calories with fiber, your horse can keep his hindgut moving for a slower release of energy to last throughout the day rather than an “insulin spike” burst of energy all at once. This scientifically-formulated diet is designed for horses in this class of activity and works to ensure that all proper nutrition is accounted for and is utilized to its highest potential for optimal health and performance.

Brand: Buckeye Nutrition