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Safer's Japanese Bettle Trap Replacement Bags 3/pack

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  • Replacement bags for Safer's® Japanese Beetle Trap.
  • Comes with 1 pack of 3 extra-large replacement bags.
  • Easy to use and easy to replace.
  • Helps to protect your lawn and garden from beetle damage.
  • These extra-large replacement bags are for use with the Safer's® Japanese Beetle Trap (70102) to help control invading Japanese beetles.Safer's® Japanese Beetle Trap Bags 3-pack works with the Safer's® Japanese Beetle Trap (70102) that uses a food and sex attractant to lure the beetles into the trap and disrupt their mating cycle.Most Japanese beetle control products do not offer the food and sex attractant featured in our Japanese beetle trap. This provides you with year round protection.


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