Sunflowers Jerusalem Gold Certified Organic Seeds

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This unique hybrid sunflower was bred for the florist market. It has very uniform shape and size with big flat discs and evenly radiating, bright yellow petals on strong stems for excellent cut flowers. The flowers produce nectar that is attractive to bees and other pollinators, but no pollen is produced. That means no mess beneath a vase of cut flowers. Jerusalem Gold Organic sunflowers also produce good sized black seeds. The plants are about 1.6 meters (5.5′) tall with (usually) only one flower each. Plant Jerusalem Gold Organic sunflower seeds to attract pollinators to your organic vegetable garden, and then leave the seeds on the plants for chickadees and other wild birds to forage on.


    • Certified organic
    • Bred for florists
    • No messy pollen
    • Nectar feeds insects

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