Sweet Peas Royal Family Blend Seeds

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Lathyrus odoratus. Royal Family Blend sweet pea seeds produce tall vines that bloom after Mammoth and before Late Spencer, so they can be sown with these other varieties for a whole summer of cut flowers. These graceful and elegant plants have more heat resistance than the Spencer Series, very large flowers, and long stems on vines that reach 150-180cm (36-48"). Blooms of crimson, lavender, mid-blue, navy blue, rose pink, salmon pink, scarlet, and white appear over a long period, especially when plants have all their spent flowers removed. Try Royal Family in a hanging basket or decorative patio container.


    • Colourful
    • Thrive in cool weather
    • Excellent for cut flowers
    • Germinates in 10-20 days
    • Easy to grow

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