Sweet Peas (Snoopea) Supersnoop Mix Seeds

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Lathyrus odoratus. Unlike Mammoth, Supersnoop Mix sweet pea seeds produce a compact dwarf variety that is well suited to tubs, containers, and the front of the flower bed. It is an improved Snoopea type that blooms early in a wide range of colours. The plants have no tendrils, so they stay low and compact at 45-60cm (18-24") tall. Supersnoop produces flowers that are showy and mildly fragrant and well suited for cut flowers. Supersnoop are great for market growers for bundles of cut flowers. Direct sow sweet pea seeds between March and May at regular intervals to prolong the bloom period. Be sure to pick any seed pods that appear so the flowers keep coming.


    • Annual
    • Grows to 45-60cm (18-24")
    • Mildly fragrant
    • Suitable for containers
    • Blooms early

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